UI %-Numbers

How come you can’t highlight the numbers in the percentage fields? To control the values by moving the sliders is not very accurate when you want minor changes.
I’d like to suggest. Make single digits selectable and add an arrow shortcut available.
I found a similar suggestion from 2018 and the NEW SilverEffects should implement this.

And the size of some dropdown menus is too small it won’t fit the full name. For example: (in German) At Vignette there is “Weißer Rahmen 1” and “Weißer Rahmen 2” But the numbers are not visible, so you can’t see which one is active.
Please put the drop downs in a second line, such as “Filmtypen” or “Filmkörnung”. The are bigger and readable.


Hi Neo - - Try this;

First click on the sliders’s title (to assign focus to the control #), then …

  • use the Left/Right arrow keys to change values in increments of 1.
  • hold down the Shift key while using the Left/Right arrow keys to “jump” in increments of 10.

Yes, this should be in the documentation !

John M

# You can simply click on the slider to assign focus - but, that has the tendency to slightly change the slider value … clicking on the title, instead, avoids this problem.


Hi John M

Thanks a lot. It really works, but I found nothing about it in the manual - even when I searched for it.
I also found you can jump to the next or previous slider with the up/down arrows.
But the indication outline of the selected slider is too subtle. This could be a bit more obvious.

Thank you again for this helpful tipp

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