U-Points setting


I was a long time user of the previous “old” (free) version of the Nik Collection tools, in particular Viveza and SilverFX.

I just purchased the latest version and I am quite dissapointed by the changes.

  1. the rulers below to the UPoints have completely disappeared (except one who is now very lonely)
    From now on, I have to go from the UPoint to the column on the right, never ending looking from the area I correct to this side of the screen… I have to look at the right column, find the ruler, put the pen cursor on it, and then direct my eyes back to the UPoint and change the setting. Then do that again for the next setting… that is a HUGE loss of time when you have to correct many images.

What I would kindly suggest is to allow the user, on the right column, to tick the settings he wants to develop under the UPoints (old fashion style) and only these rulers under this UPoint would appear when he CTRL+click on the UPoint. If the user needs some more adjustments, he still has the settings available on the right column. When he CTRL+click again, all the rulers disappear.

  1. the magnifier
    There is a magnifier on the top right corner, but it is useless to place a UPoint because there is no indication of where the pointer is… there is no target mire.

  2. this could be an improvement : the UPoint has an effect on a circular area around it. One should be able to paint an area on the picture, like a mask (the feathering would be controled by the diameter ruler).

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I know it doesn’t help with you immediate problem but, for your information, the Local Adjustments in PhotoLab are much more comprehensive in that, not only do they contain Control Points, which are the equivalent of U-Points, they also contain a brush, an eraser, a gradient, an auto-mask and the new Control Line, which allows you to select non-circular areas and combine that with a gradient if necessary. Also, both Control Points and Control Lines now have selectivity sliders, which allow you to refine what tones are selected within a given mask.

Sorry, I don’t use Photolab, just Photoshop.

Above points by Fred are well worth your attention, but I have an additional and even simpler issue that I can’t find an answer to. In the previous version I could do a control point and make an adjustment and then place a “neutral” control point near it to constrain the area covered. Now (in V3) the adjustment for the first point covers a huge area and when I make the second point it has the same adjustments as my first one and I can’t find a way to have them different. The masks are there and good, but I can’t do different adjustments for the 2 points! VERY FRUSTRATING!! Where is a simple tutorial that explains this!? A one-page PDF please, not an hour-long video!!