U Point request in the point not in the menu

I have been using your products for years. I love your work and every day I use it for editing hundreds of photos.
For the first time I am contacting you to suggest a very important feature that I think many photographers have been missing in photolab 7 and that is to be able to have the U Point settings next to each point and not have to scroll to the menu to make the adjustments. When you edit thousands of photos every day, scrolling to the menu is a waste of time. Having them at the point makes a big difference. FOR THE FIRST TIME I DIDN’T UPGRADE TO THE NEXT VERSION OF PHOTOLAB JUST BECAUSE OF THIS. I am still using version 6. Please include this in the next version. It is very useful when you edit hundreds of photos. Let the user be the one who can enable or disable this function. Thanks for listening, best regards.

I certainly understand how this would be important to your daily process flow. However, this has been discussed at great length with DxO and it is simply not going to happen. The number and type of local adjustments, which will continue to grow with each new version of PhotoLab, has simply gone beyond the ability for them to be controlled in an onscreen equalizer format.

In PL7 local adjustments there is an HSL color wheel and Luminosity mask which cannot be controlled by an equalizer. Several of the LA masks use multiple adjustment sliders, not just a single one. The number of complex local adjustments will continue to grow.



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Note, however, that this is a User forum - DxO may see your post here, but it’s not for certain.

John M


Your post is addressed directly to DxO but this is a user forum, DxO will not react to your post. You can submit your request to DxO using this page:

Having said that, it’s a safe bet that your request to reverse the change, from having the settings on the so-called ‘equaliser’ to the side panel, is going to happen. This is because the move to the side panel opens up the possibility of having other settings available, e.g. the HSL wheel, which were never going to fit onto the ‘equaliser’.

Search the forum, there have been lots of posts about the pros and cons of this feature.

Hello Mark,
an option might be a “preference” or “Favorite” setting for that issue. You pick your 10 most used sliders and for the rest you have to move to the menu

There reslly is no point in having this request section though even on the old fourm they mostly ignored it as well.

You have been here for a very long time and are probably very familiar with DxO’s general strategy and the limited number of new features added to PhotoLab annually. A new feature similar to what you are suggesting is very unlikely to happen.


Why would they make a feature request category ?
But yes this is maybe an other joke.

It’s a legacy section, from the very early days when DxO were interested in ideas of how to develop their software and from when staff did engage with users on this forum.

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