U Point Mask

Firstly, many thanks to DXO for the recent updates both for PhotoLab and Nik these are rapidly becoming the software I always wanted …
A quick question on the new U Point mask - I’ve read there is a keyboard shortcut to display the mask but I can’t find what it is … could someone please enlighten me?
Thanks a lot

Type M

Here are the additional characters needed for the posting.

Thank you very much

Hello @EyeBee,

So yes, you can use M or Shift+M. Just to let you know, the shortcuts are displayed here

so you will never miss them again :slight_smile:

Svetlana G.

Thank you Svetlana, I completely forgot about the ? panel … I think I must have been too over excited with the new features in the update!

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Just so you know, I really like the enhancements to local adjustments. The mask viewing helps me position and size the control points to optimize results. Very nice.

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