Typos in PhotoLab 6 User Guide

Hi everybody
In the Moving or copying images section, p 45

I should read : select it in Image Browser then drag and drop it into the destination folder, holding down the Alt key.
The PC part is faulty too.

Whether macOS moves or copies files depends on where the source and target folders are:

If folders reside in the same volume…

  • move files with drag&drop
  • copy files with option-drag&drop

If folders are in different volumes, it’s the other way 'round.

  • copy files with drag&drop
  • move files with option-drag&drop

Thanks for reminding me stuff that I know since my first Mac I bought in 1987. The user guide doesn’t mention whether it’s within the same volume (I suppose it’s the case by default) or from one to an other one. It should.
In any case the text is confusing.

“Destructive” or file altering actions always requires an additional activity.
That’s why holding a key is needed to duplicate within the same volume as well as holding one down when moving to another volume.

Move files between volumes::
Cmd + drag & drop will move a file or folder between volumes. (Copy and delete is performed)

Option + drag & drop will always duplicate the file/folder no matter if it’s copied on a the same volume or between volumes. Although not needed when copying between volumes.

Okay, there are a lot of options that could be mentioned in the manual.
And then, the Windows modifiers should be taken into account too…

That’s the point. This section of the manual has probably written a little hastily and should be amended.

I strongly suggest you submit a support/feedback ticket at support.dxo.com for any errors in the user guide. That will reach the people who wrote it. Here, we can only talk about such things. :blush: