Two simple but helpful adjustments when using LOCAL ADJUSTMENTS

I am posting this here, as I doubt I am the only person with this question.

If I am using Local Adjustments, and I set the viewing area to 100%, and start to configure a control point, I had two issues, one of which I already found an answer to.

First, how to remove the “controls-display” so I can work on an area hidden by it. Answer, press capital-E on the keyboard, and the controls go away, or return. Simple, once I knew the “trick”.

Next question is if I am viewing the screen at 100%, how can I re-position the image so the area I want to work on is in the middle of my screen. None of my obvious choices worked.

Better yet, is there a “help menu” that can be activated, that explains all these things?

I’m asking these questions here, so others who might be equally puzzled can find out the information.

Mike, as far as I know, the letter “E” doesn’t necessarily have to be uppercase to hide the equalizer. Small works too. Just tested.
Regarding your second question: press the spacebar. Then your cursor turns into a hand and you can move the image section.

For some reason, it does have to be on Mac

Well, there’s the manual which you can download from the help menu

You can also go to the MOVE/ZOOM palette and drag the loupe around the image preview. This is my preferred method.

Thank you all; everything resolved, for me.

I wish I could do something like press the (H)elp key, which explained things like this.
Maybe in a future release.

Yes, when everything else fails, read the manual.
I suspect I’m far from the only person who has been puzzled.
Again, thanks!