Two product suggestion for PhotoLab 3


I have a couple of suggestions for PhotoLab 3.

  1. Please consider adding a colour picker/eyedropper to the draw tool.

  2. I’d like to see individual adjustment sliders for saturation, luminance and hue for colour bands eg. yellow, orange, red, magenta, blue, green etc. like those in the Olympus Workspace software.

Thanks and kind regards


Hello @LeighK and welcome to the forum,

First, please, do not forget to vote for your suggestions (top left corner).

  • We do not have the “Draw” tool at all.
  • The ones you have in HSL is not enough?

Svetlana G.

Hi Svetlana,

I meant the BRUSH tool not the draw tool. This way, one could sample a colour in the image and use it for the brush colour.

and this is what I mean by the luminance etc. -

Kind regards


Okay, got it. And Leigh, vote for your suggestion in the top left corner.

Svetlana G.

Hi Svetlana, thanks, I already did,

Best wishes,


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