Two problems in PL6

I have encountered two potential PL6 problems.
• I have an old folder that has two versions of some of the files named banana.tif and banana.jpg. In the past, updates to them were kept separate by storing them in banana.tif.dop and banana.jpg.dop. I openerd one of the jpg files and decided to review some updates. Then I opened the .tif file and, lo and behold, the updates to the jpg file were applied to the tif file. Similarly, updates to the tif file were applied to the jpg. Did I miss something, or is this perhaps a bug?
• Every now and then I find that PL6 jumps from a file that I am editing to a different, seemingly random, file in the same folder. I cannot reproduce or force this error. The file may be the next or previous file or it may be several, one time over a hundred, files away.

Hi Richard,

Your #1 issue has probably “snuck thru” unnoticed because most users (on this forum) are using PL to process RAW files … not TIFFs & JPGs.

Your #2 issue is one I’ve, personally, not see or heard of before … I recommend you log it too, as above

John M

Thanks for the reply. I do not normally process Tiffs or Jpegs, either. I was using an old folder of scanned photos when that problem occurred, I will report as you suggested.

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