Two copies of PL

Hello. Long time Adobe user here giving PL5 a thorough chance with a black friday deal. Like what I see so far.

It says I can have two copies/installation of the software as long as they are not used at the same time. Here’s my problem: I have two MacBook Pro, one new (2022) and one old (2017). I installed PL on the new one. The older Mac (2017) one is a sleeker/lighter model better for travelling than the new one. I understand I can install a second copy on that. However I will change to another secondary Mac in spring (and the old 2017 Mac will get erased/PL deleted). Can I then install a third copy on the “new” secondary Mac in spring or have I used my “two copies” already at that point?

Appreciate any clarification on this, thank you!

My understanding is that you will have used your two activations and so can’t just install PL5 on the new MAC. However, I believe if you contact DxO you can get the activation on the old (2017) MAC cancelled freeing it up to be installed on your new one. I’ve never had to do this myself but what I’ve written is based on what I’ve read over the years across several of this forum’s topics. Perhaps someone with more direct experience can add their comment.

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If you have only two installations you must have purchased a license for the Essential edition. Are you aware that the Elite edition has some of PhotoLab’s premier features which are not available in the Essential version and which also allows for 3 activations?


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For the Essential version you can have two concurrent activated installations.

For Elite version you can have three concurrent activated installations.

For both versions you are only allowed to use/work on one at a time.

When or if you move to a new computer, do uninstall and remove the installation of PL for that machine and contact support and give them the name (perhaps even serial) of that computer and they will deactivate and free up that license again.
Then you can go ahead and do a new install.


Ok thank you, that sounds fair. Would love someone from DXO to confirm it.

Thanks, yes just trying it out as a longtime ACR/PS + Nik user. I’m sure many find Elite or PL6 is a worthy upgrade but for me Essential+NIK seem powerful enough. And enough is a bit of understatement, it is a very powerful combo.

It’s a bit annoying though that for some reason DXO decided to have some Elite features showing in the tool panes of Essential users. Looks a bit cheap to me but with that said the basic suite is very powerful.

From support site.

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Excellent, thank you sir.