Tweak to the Keywords List

When searching based on keywords, it is easier to choose one from a list than to type its spelling into a box. I suggest two new entries for the context menu (when you right-mouse click) on a keyword in the Keywords List in the PhotoLibrary:

Apply keyword to selection
Remove keyword from selection

New keyword…
New keyword inside…

Delete keyword

Search using this keyword
Add this keyword to Search

The first addition, “Search using this keyword” would replace any existing terms in the Search box and execute a search.

The 2nd addition, “Add this keyword to search” is active only when Search results are being displayed.

Another way round: You could copy a keyword in the list and paste it into the search box.
But your suggestion is quite interesting.

Lightroom’s solution to this is a) an indicator showing how many images carry the keyword and b) to click on the indicator to show the respective image(s)


It would be fine and faster.

Edit: this already exists for projects, the same for keywords would be good.

This is what I do in my app.

Pressing the space bar on a selected keyword shows a Quicklook preview pane.

Right-clicking shows a popup menu that, apart from duplicating the Quicklook preview functionality, can instigate a search for images that contained the selected keyword, or you can rename that keyword, which automatically changes it in all referenced images as well.

Several ways to implement such a function exist…but not in PhotoLab :frowning:

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It´s coming soon. It´s version 1.0 :slight_smile:

…being a very enthusiastic Photolab Elite user (first PL 3 and now PL 4), I would love to be able to just select a keyword from an hierarchical keyword list to select a set of photos from my entire photo collection. I was hoping to find just this in PL 5 so I installed the trial version. And as said in the posts above, this option is not (yet) available in PL 5.

I had also been looking into Photo Supreme (Sup) just for this purpose and after reading about the new features of PL 5 I was quite optimistic about not having to invest a lot of time in getting to know Sup (because Sup is a very powerful DAM, but it has a very steep learning curve). However, in it’s current state PL 5 is not enough of a DAM for me. Really a pity.