Tutorials for PL


DXO people need to do video tutorials for each and every tool of Photolab.

The reason is that there are not many guides on the net regarding PL / or they are outdated and that keeps people from buying the product.

Judging by the amount of the tools and considering that PL2 is kinda easier to work with than other raw developers, it shouldn’t take more than a week/month to create the video tutorials. DXO Academy looks empty.

Video tutorials beat any help file/guide to the ground.

Thank you.

Hello @sakisf,

Thank you for the feedback. Yes, you are right. We are going to enlarge this part starting with “Tip&Tricks” .
In the meantime I recommend you to watch this one - http://dxo.tuto.free.fr/index.html#0_Sommaire

Svetlana G.


Thank you for your reply!

I am already set in reading this one together with the guides - though I am familiar with the software already.

My note was pertaining to also grabbing additional customers as I was reading some comments on dpreview today regarding the lack of video tutorials and generally educational material on the software.

I have been toying with Affinity Photo recently and noticed that there is a wealth of such tutorials on youtube and elsewhere regarding almost every tool and AP is only 3-4 years old (not referencing PS as this is too old).


Yes, I do agree with you :slight_smile:

We will enlarge this base, I promise and the first step is “Ticks&Tricks” which will be renewed and expanded.

Thank you once again,
Svetlana G.


Personally, I do not like to be a slave to the rhythm of a video.

I prefer the old tutorials to read unfortunately disappeared



Okay, noted down! :sunglasses:

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I am more visual and a good video with a example image which is downloadable can be helpfull for difficult things like controlpoint / upoint technology to repeat the teacher and see if you got the same outcome. By meander around this example settings you can discover the behaviour of such a tool.

But indeed a “commercial” tutorial of a few minutes isn’t working, it shows what it can do but not the how. And a 1 hour in depth analises of how it can be used as a pro is also a put off, because you forget what 30 minutes earlier is shown.

Biteable pieces like 1 what is it, which controls are there. 2 basis use, 3 more detailed use.
Some tools needs 1 video (commercial version), some 3 and others 2.

But it needs to be backed up by a sufficient manual which explains the working and behaviour with other sections of the application. (like your 's :wink:)

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Also good PDF are nice to take notes on them with the Apple pencil :sunglasses:

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Affinity made very big and good work with their books for Photo and Designer. It’s more than a simple manual, it is learning by doing. It is more efficient than a normal manual.

PS: and I would gladly pay (30-50 €) for a similar quality book made with the help of photographers that uses DxO products every day and share their knowledge on different kind of situations in real life.