Turning "Instant Watermarking" off changes the Preset field (PL4.2.1)

I have PhotoLab 4.2.1 set up with a preset for RAW files that includes Instant Watermarking enabled with a text preset called “GVsscript.” When I first view an image in Customize, this is what I see:


I turn Instant Watermarking off, then edit the text to show the current year. When I left-click away from this palette, in the Image Browser, the Preset name is updated to “GVsscript (edited)” and the palette is re-enabled:


Then, I turn “Instant Watermarking” off again, and the preset name is automatically replaced with “Custom”:


Is this behavior intentional? I don’t see why toggling the palette off should alter the Preset name field. Thanks for looking!

Good morning Greg,

Yes, the behavior you described is expected. When you are doing the editing of the preset it gets active because you are working with it. And switch to ‘custom’ is expected as well because you did not press “Update” which means that you did not complete the editing action.

Svetlana G.

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