Turn off the advertisement please

I have been getting this damn popup every time I load up Nik ever since Nike 6.x was released. Is there a way to turn this off that I am not seeing? If not, can someone at DxO do something about this annoying popup? I don’t want to upgrade.

This complaint has been brought up frequently in these forums. DxO has responded by saying that the popup will stop appearing after 30 days. I agree that nagware is not a good thing.

Definitely been more than 30 days. I have been putting up with this for so long. Today, I have FINALLY SNAPPED! Ugh.

it’s fixed in nik 6, go to “help” and open “dxo hub”. you’ll get the option bottom right how frequently you want it to open or not at all.

sorry can’t tell for nik 5.

See here:

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