Turn off auto distortion correction and lens sharpness for jpegs?

I looked in Preferences but didn’t find a setting in PL6 that would turn off automatic correction of distortion and lens sharpness for jpegs.

I tried changing Correction Settings for RGB Images to no correction but PL6 still applies distortion and lens sharpness to all jpegs, and they don’t need it since those corrections are done in-camera.

DxO’s own instructions even say to not apply lens sharpness to images that have already been sharpened in-camera. I usually edit RAW files but sometimes do jpegs for myself and other people. And sometimes many jpegs for other people.

How to turn off those auto corrections? Thanks.

Hi and welcome,

Your intuition is correct but your perception is incorrect. Changing the default preset for RGB image files to “No correction” will in fact prevent PL6 from applying “Distortion correction” and “Lens sharpness”(and all other corrections as well) to the image. What gives you the impression that these corrections are applied even with the default RGB preset having been changed to “No corrections”?

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To add to what Mark said: this will only happen if PhotoLab has already read a folder containing JPEGs before the default preset for RGB images was changed to “No corrections.” In that case, a different preset was already applied and changing the default preset won’t affect these images. You’ll have to rename the folder with JPEG images, delete the database (a bit extreme), or just change these images manually to the No Corrections preset.

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@Egregius I would suggest that deleting the database is wholly unnecessary and very extreme, plus it does nothing to correct the problem! Neither does changing the name of the directory because the DOPs contain the “poison” and will simply be re-imported, either to the new database or to the renamed directory entries in the database!!

The solution is to change the setting for all entries that have been “wrongly” set!!

The following directory of JPGs were originally opened with my ‘001 - Lens Distortion Only LS(0)’ preset set as the opening preset for RGB images! This has distortion selected but with LS(0) (Lens Sharpening = 0).

To turn off the distortion option for a number of images then:-

Select the first image in the directory in the ‘Customize’ screen and ‘Ctrl A’ to select all images in the directory (on a Win 10 system).

Navigate to the ‘Distortion’ option and de-select (for all selected images), which should only affect the editing for all images selected and for the specific option that is adjusted (de-selected in this case)

That should be the job done, the database and the DOP will be updated to reflect the new option (de-)selection, i.e. all the individual edits should be intact but minus the ‘Distortion’ and whatever else needs to be selected or de-selected across all the selected images at the same time, e.g. Lens Sharpness etc…!

In my case I created a new preset from my ‘001 …’ preset, named ‘000 - No Lens Distortion’ which was ‘001 …’ but with ‘Distortion’ off and assigned them in my ‘Preferences’

@UrMajesty I don’t know why the correction setting you assigned didn’t work as it should have!?

This is a new JPG directory after being first opened in PL6.1.1 with the settings shown above

You will need to apply the above procedure to every JPG that you have “imported” into DxPL to adjust the settings to what you require and set up (or check the DxO defaults) to get the desired starting preset values.

Typically I don’t apply Lens Sharpness to JPGs because I also create a reduced size library of 1920 x 1440 images and use Lanczos 2 (in FastStone Image Viewer) in the compression process which adds some more sharpness. Given that these images are intended for the NAS to be accessed by Tablets and smartphones etc. any more sharpness and you could easily lacerate yourself!!

Thanks! Being still very new to Photolab, I didn’t know it auto flags every single freakin’ image in a folder with whatever the default image adjustments are set to in Preferences. So I changed the RGB default to No Corrections and then opened a different folder that I hadn’t opened yet in PL6 and sure enough, neither Lens Sharpness nor Distortion correction got applied to any jpeg I opened in that folder.

Thank you to everyone who replied to help me undersatnd better how the RGB - No Corrections setting works and to keep me from going insane. As I mentioned in my reply to Egregius, the No Corrections setting works just fine for image folders that have not yet been opened in PL6 as he said.

You may find you get better results by disabling in-camera sharpening, and let PL apply its lens-specific algorithm to your out-of-camera JPGs (?) - - Worth checking.

Also note: PL is smart enuff that it will not apply lens corrections to JPGs produced by it from your RAWs (for which corrections have been applied already) … So, you don’t need to be concerned about that.

John M

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No Correction and all other presets for that matter, work just fine, when applied manually

@platypus This response needs way more explanation, I feel. As I demonstrated above creating my own “000 - No distortion correction” preset appeared to apply the correct action (or inaction if you prefer) to the images of a newly discovered directory!

In order to test this I changed the ‘000 - No Lens Distortion’ preset to select ‘Distortion’ and stored it over the original preset. I then passed images to PL6.1.1 from FastRawViewer and the change appeared not to work until I bounced (closed and restarted) PL6 and passed some new JPGs from FRV to PL6 which worked as expected, i.e. distortion correction was applied!

So it appears that if you change a preset designated as a ‘default’ you need to “bounce” DxPL before the adjusted values will actually be applied!?

I do believe there is an issue with ‘5 - No correction’, a locked preset supplied by DxO, where I have found a “strange” behaviour relating to ‘Distortion’ as it happens.

But are you suggesting that the ‘Preference’ defaults

are not applied correctly, some or all of the time or … what exactly are you suggesting and given that you are a Mac user do you believe that this is an issue with both platforms or just DxPL(Mac)?

While it is not difficult to use the procedure I outlined above of selecting all the images in a directory and applying either a preset and/or a feature adjustment, de-selecting ‘Distortion’ in the example I gave, it is even more convenient to use the ‘Preferences’ ‘default’, if it works as expected!

If you want no corrections, apply the “No Corrections” preset.

That is exactly what I’m saying.

@platypus what you wrote and with an emphasis on the applied manually was as shown above. I put 2 and 2 together and read into your comment that there might be an issue with applying a preset in another way, i.e. “automatically”!

As it happens I then tripped over a little “quirk” of the product that seems to indicate that for speed DxPL caches the auto presets locally and does not refresh its local cache if that preset is changed and rewritten (overwritten) back to the presets on DxPL(Win) @DxO_Support-Team.

You still haven’t given the auto settings your “blessing”!