TTArtisan and Risespray lens profiles

Are there any plans to add TTArtisan and Risespray lens profiles? Two of my favourite lenses to use on my Fuji but no profiles for processing.

Manual lenses without EXIF don’t make much sense to profile imo. The point of lens-profiling is to get a well corrected image as soon as the software recognizes the lens. You would need to do that manually, and since TTArtisan not even transmits the focal length or manufacturer or lens typ - how do you know which ones is which?

Hello @skwalker ,

Joachim is right, we can’t provide optic module for manual lenses.
TTArtisan and Risespay lenses miss electronics contact :

If the lens hasn’t these contacts then PhotoLab is missing (or fields are set to 0 or uninitialized value)

  • LensInfo - so module associaltion is impossible
  • Focal length - no optical correction from the module is possible
  • FNumber (aperture) in case parameter is on the ring - no optical correction from the module is possible
    Please remind we do automatic correction so we need to know whooting parameters to be able to apply the right correction.