Treating jpg and raw as one file


I’m still using Lightroom for most of my work, but use DxO PL for special lighting conditions because of it’s superior Prime denoising. Typically I shoot jpg and raw at the same time. In Lightroom I could easily treat the two files with the same capture time and name as one file. In DxO PL I haven’t found a way to enable the same behavior. Is this very basic option really not available in DxO?



Could you elaborate, please, Kai … What does this mean ?

John M

The jpg is hidden in the browser/filmstrip and the development module uses just the raw file. It works as if the jpg wasn’t available at all as long as jpg and raw file share name (except suffix) and timestamp.


Not available on DPL as well as the stack concept.


Good morning,

Yep, Pascal is correct - stacking is not available in PL for now.

Svetlana G.


just to be clear up things a bit: stacks and treating jpg/raw files as single files are two distinct features of lightroom. I would like to see both of them in PL but the second one is a real requirement for my workflow.

Are those features planned for PL?


Hello @viswiz,

Yep, we have such plans but it’s definitely won’t be a part of PL3.0.

Svetlana G.

Not what you’ve asked for but in the filter panel you have a checkmark to display RAW and/or RGB (aka JPEG if you don’t use other RGB formats). So you can display either RAW and JPEG next to each other or just the RAWs or just the JPEGs. Maybe it’s a workaround to fit into your workflow.


Thank you, Pete. Your suggested workaround works perfectly fine.