Transfert images

I just registered on the Dxo Beta forum,

on the Beta version I find myself facing two problems currently

  • face recognition is not done correctly when it is on a dark background or mixture of colors (vegetations or strongly colored scenes)
  • the transfer between lightroom cc indicates an error message, the transfer is interrupted
    waiting for your help[quote=“ka.hilgers, post:1, topic:4660, full:true”]
    Description of the bug:
    When developing an image, I expect that the exif data is taken from the raw file and copied into the jpg (e.g. camera, lens, creation date, etc.) This is not the case with PL2.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Take raw file from Nikon D750 (or any other camera)
  2. develop file
  3. export to jpg

Also reproducible when origin file is a jpg instead of raw.

OpticsPro version:

v2 Build 3780 windows version

thank you