Transfer between PL2 and LR

I am currently a subscriber to the Adobe Photography Program and so have Lightroom on my system. It is not an app I use much (I use PS, not LR) so I have never seen this before, but I was testing PL2 and ran into some interesting issues involving sending images from PL2 to LR and back again. PL2 has an export feature to send images to LR and provides LR with a plugin to send images back, so I assume the transfers back and forth are considered to be supported functionality.

  1. If I tell PL2 to send a dng file to LR it does so without any issue. I can then adjust that image in LR, making whatever changes I want, and then I can send it back to PL2. The transfer back works properly, but PL2 can not display the returned dng and I get the message that the image was taken by an unsupported camera. Is it supposed to work this way???

  2. If I tell PL2 to send a tiff file to LR it also does so without any issue and I can adjust that image in LR as I wish. I can then send it back to PL2 with the changes, but when the image arrives back in PL2 the displayed image does not contain the changes made in LR. I do not know if this is related to the other problem involving sending images to PS (or other pixel editors) but assume not because this uses a completely different transfer mechanism. Is it supposed to work this way???

Or is the transfer only supposed to go one way?

And, of course, the same issues exist with PL (or should I call it PL1 now?).

There are two ways to hand over to PhotoLab an image from Lightroom:

  1. From the Lr FILE menue MODULE OPTIONS, which does not provide any options
  2. Starting with a right-click, which lets you choose file format, color space etc.

While 1) produces the effect you describe, 2) will hand over the Lr-adjusted image.

Example: Colour image exported to Lr, convert to b/w in Lr, hand over to DPL again as described above.

Could you be a bit more specific about how to use item (2)? When I right-click I do not see any transfer functionality. All I see is the normal export functionality which is not a transfer mechanism, but creating a new file for PL to pick up. Is that what you are referring to?

I assume that if there is a specific mechanism for transferring images from LR to PL then that is what the user should be using. Otherwise why is it there?

Check this out, it’s in german and will hopefully help you find the way anyway:

Oh, OK. That is the “Edit In” functionality. That works for me, so thank you for the screen shot.

I am a bit surprised that the “built-in” functionality that PL passes on to LR when it is installed (File -> Plug-in Extras -> Transfer) does not actually send an updated image, but it is not important anymore since the Edit In works.