Traffic Lights (picked, untagged, rejected) only visible on hover

Photolab3.3.3.60 Mac OS Mojave
My “picked, untagged, rejected” indicators show only when I hover over the image in Photolibrary or Customize view. In Full Screen mode, the selection is visible, but that may be because there is only the one image being displayed.

I seem to recall the red, green or nothing designations showing all the time in the filmstrip when I was in the Customize view in older versions of PL.

If I have to constantly search for my “picks”, it is a waste of my time. Using the filter to move through the categories is another time waster.

Thank you.

Is this a bug?

I’m on a PC, but you should have something similar to this in the Display tab of Preferences. Select “Always On” instead of “On mouseover”.


As Mark says … Also, explicitly for your requirement; it’s the “Set tag” option.

John M

And on Mac in French, in Preference panel > “Vignettes”, it’s “Autoriser le traitement” which should be on “Toujours”:


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Thank you very much! Merci beaucoup! It is fixed!