Total integration & actual workflow

Hi everyone .I’m an Italian photographer and early new user of dxo softwares. When we will have a total integration with all the suite plugins?? I’ll love to have all the plugins directly like a pallette,similar to film pack.
And wich is the suggested workflow to have a correct and no quality loss output file with the actual plugins?
Thanks a lot

Welcome Alberto.

This is a question and not a feature request, Alberto. You are asking for information and asking us to vote for a noun and not an action. I.e. this post does not make sense as a feature request. Putting it in the wrong place/category makes this a disorganised place.

I can’t answer for DxO but based on close following of this forum for more over the last half year, there’s no immediate plans to incorporate Nik plugins within PhotoLab. Some of the functionality has been brought over to local adjustments, in particular the U-point system of applying insta-masks.

To use the Nik plugins to their full power, you’ll want a pixel editor like either Adobe Photoshop (CS6 will do) or Affinity Photo. There’s some people on the forum who use the Nik plugins a lot more often than I do, like @sankos @Sigi who can give you tips on an efficient Nik workflow.

I stick with PhotoLab as it’s a faster workflow. One tip which might help you with faster workflow (not with Nik but with PhotoLab) is to choose your selects (triage) and putting them in a finder folder with selects only before bringing your images into PhotoLab. I use FastRawViewer (cross-platform, simple, inexpensive), others like iMatch, ACDSee or PhotoMechanic. Evaluating images in PhotoLab is very slow as it takes between three and eight seconds to switch between images at full quality, depending on what camera you are using and what PhotoLab preset you have active.


if you have license for Filmpack and Viewpoint, you can activate them into DxO PhotoLab, and then you will have directly their functionalities directly inside PhotoLab.

Nik DxO Suite is not integrated into PhotoLab, you have to export a file using these applications.

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I did not want to answer until I understood very well the question.
But the proposals does not seem to be appropriate :frowning:

Use the DxO PhotoLab button “Export to application”
Declare the name of the desire Nik application
Export in TIFF 16 bits



ok, i was meaning, … wich is the best way to develop a good raw file if for example i need to use PL and some other Nik plugins, i’ve to work on PL before and then send it to the NIK as a tiff 16 bit.
it’s a little bit strange for me to understand because is like to set some “no return point” during the entire develop process.
if i make some correction in PL how can i say that those corrections we’ll be good also after the job of the nik plugins ?

Once a file leaves PhotoLab, it’s going as a TIFF or a JPEG and not as a RAW. Pieloe’s suggestion of doing the initial RAW conversion in PhotoLab and sending the file forward to Nik for finishing is the least destructive option possible. There’s no reason to bring that finished file back into PhotoLab unless you want to add an additional round of PhotoLab corrections to the TIFF.

Probably not if you’re using either Silver Efex or Analog Efex as both are really finishing plugins (providing a film look).

Bringing it back into PhotoLab doesn’t make any sense really (there are long conversations about what PhotoLab should do with TIFFs on the return trip. Basically, a best possible option is nothing, with the option to apply new filters on the file when it comes back. It would be the same as importing the finished TIFF.

PhotoLab is not an image manager but a RAW development tool with some additional local correction tools and basic image browsing capabilities including star ratings. Most of us on the forum lean on OS level tools to manage our images (Finder folders in OS X) as hard experience has shown that database “upgrades” and EOL events make media managers a poor long term solution.


ok, but if i need a jpg srgb for the end file, and i export to Nik Plugins as a tiff , when i save the file is still a tiff, what you suggest to convert it in jpg as i need ?
Now my workflow is:

-PL2 editing
-Export as tiff in Nik and save as it is
-Export in jpg by PL2

it is correct ?

if yes, i think it could be very more simple if i can add nik filter directly using a dedicated pallette inside PL2 as usual with VP and FP. In this way there’s only one final conversion. what do you think ?


No, I don’t think it would be easy or efficient for PhotoLab to try to glue on Nik integration like this. The Nik plugins need to be rewritten from scratch for integration as filters in PhotoLab.

Export in jpg by PL2

There are much better and faster programs for creating jpegs for web use than PhotoLab. Many of these image conversion programs are either free or every inexpensive and include features like batch convert and advanced watermarking. If you let me know what platform, you are on I can make some concrete suggestions.

Search for “Image Converter” to find this kind of software.

I only use PhotoLab to create masters copies and then use an image converter to make my versions for 500px or Facebook or sharing. I’d hate to wait around on DxO Prime to reprocess three different jpeg versions for web use.

Why not simply save the file from the Nik plugin you are using as jpg?

Pl2 --> Nik plugin. Work on the image and then:

File -> Save image as… -> and you then have the option to save as jpg or tiff.

Tiff if you plan on using another app and jpg if you have finished


if i’m not wrong, the new nik collection 2 works exatcly like i said… right ?


Good news :wink: