TopazLab DNG file incompatibility

Dear Svetlana,

First of all HAPPY AND SUCCESSFUL 2021 for the DxO stuff !

Sitting in the home chair I found TopazLab has some standalone application, which are complicate and useful enough to involve to PL as a plugin ( Gigapixel AI, Sharpen AI, TPG to RAW AI, etc.). Think about.
Just found the JPG to RAW converter among others. Sometimes it would be useful, because PL is unable to do such conversion.
Downloaded the trial app and made a test conversion. The result was a DNG file.
Unfortunately, PL4 unable to open it, refer to an incompatibility issue.

Do you see any chance to investigate the reason ? For your reference, Adobe Camera RAW is able to open and handle.

You can find the full format list at
For your reference, I upload the original ‘Beni_portré.jpg’ and the converted ‘Beni_portré-edit.dng’ files to your upload server under Bencsi folder.

By the way, TopazLab using same forum UI as you. Interesting.

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Unfortunately PL can read only Dng it generates, no?

Unfortunately, PL4 handle own generated .DNG files as RGB with linear color rendering instead of RAW. It is unable to display and handle as RAW.


I too would find this useful. Should we make it a voteable request in the forum?

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It is a subject since years, I’m afraid there is a serious obstacle to do it.
If you want to raise a voting in this subject, open the Requests topic
create a New thread and add one vote on the top left of the page ( of course after you describe your request )


Will do, thanks Endre.

Here is the proof from 2018, this request is old enough.

In the meantime, I went to Topaz help forum and found a reply to my question:

Topaz DNG is not a RAW file.

Sorry for the bad question.


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