Tools to help migration from Lightroom to Photolab 6

Ive been using Lightroom since the start and now have >30,000 images keyworded and allocated to folders & collections. I now believe that DxO has added the features i need to photolab 6.
The thing that stops me moving is losing the search capability from LR for those images.
Would it be possible for DxO to add functionality to:-

  1. add/import Lr keywords so that i can find the images in PL 6?
  2. Enable LR collections to be “converted” into PL projects?
  3. Bring in the develop settings from LR for my LR images?
    I realise 3 maybe difficult (although Capture One has it) but 1 & 2 would just make the transition easier.
    PL has such amazing tools and wonderful RAW conversion…I just want to migrate asap and any helpful tools would ease the burden.

Welcome to the forum @PAG

Vote for your request … and don’t hold your breath waiting for the implementation of the requested features.

Someone eager and able to juggle a database migration might be able to map things from one DB to the other. This could give you a clean start…but over time, PhotoLab’s database degrades, because it easily adds items, but has no built in functionality to fix issues like moved folders or renamed files or removing files from the database without moving the actual files to the trash etc.

From a RAW developer point of view, PhotoLab can easily replace Lightroom. Aspects like asset management and search, database maintenance, printing, reliability and more lag behind Lightroom’s capabilities by years imo. Getting PhotoLab that steep hill would be great though.

Thanks Platypus, didnt realise i had to vote for my own feature request.
Maybe we should fund some walking boots and climbing gear, for DxO team to help with the steep hill😀

a solution exists in the meantime:
stop your adobe subscription.

Lr remains functional except for the development and map modules.

keep Lr as an image manager and photoloab as a replacement for the Lr development module.

I have been doing this happily for years


Thanks Nicolas, i wasnt aware of that…however, i never subscribed to Lightroom. Ive been using LR 6 for years and happy with it. But when i upgrade to Win 11, i wont be able to activate it (Adobe has stopped this).

You can do it also with the current version.
This way you can test if it suits you before switching to PL.

Thanks for your reply Franky, but could you just clarify? Im using LR 6, not the current subscription version and looking to migrate to Photolab 6. Thanks

LR can be used in “limited” mode without subscription.
In this case you will not have access to the development module but the cataloging is still available.

you download Lr classic which will replace Lr6 for the management of images, keywords, iptc, printing, slideshow etc… (after 7 days of trial only the development and map modules are no longer functional, everything else works for free) and you buy photolab 6 which has a plugin to interface with Lr.

I’ve been working this way for years with no problems.

Exactly :+1:
But I believe you need a free Adobe account ?

Lightroom is indeed a very famous image processing software. I have used it for a long time before, but recently, I came across the “DXO Poto Lab”, and found that the noise reduction function is much stronger than “LR”. Among all post-processing software, my first choice is “noise reduction first”, so now I don’t use “LR” very much. I am satisfied with the key functions of DXO, The most important thing is “no subscription, one purchase”. There are indeed many deficiencies in the management of the gallery, but I believe

yes. you need a ADOBE account (the same as for Lr6, no need a new account/)

What do you mean by you won’t be able to activate LR 6 after upgrading to Windows 11? I have Windows 11 on this pc and have LR6 open at the moment. I only use it for stitching panoramas and merging to HDR (sometimes).

Nice to see another fellow LR6 holdout here…:grin:

Hello Bryan, LR6 forever :grinning:
My understanding is…

  • If i upgrade, it will still work, BUT
  • if i wish to do a clean windowx 11 install i have to reinstall LR6 and then activate it. Adobe have removed this capability.
    I still have an Adobe account but ALL my licenced products have been removed by Adobe and so i no longer have a qualifying product to enable me to activate LR6. I suspect if you check your account it will be the same.

Thanks Nicolas/Franky for info.


Does adobe Bridge effective not exact the same as Lr’s library function?
(why having a crippled application and unresponsive tabs if you can have a cleaner function.)
I suspect that Lr has more usability then Bridge doh.

That said. @PAG

DxoPL’s index and search function is quite nice. For what i used to have.
DxO’s iptc metadata keyword manager is stil somewhat cumbersome to use.
So automated syncronisation of metadata which is dualsync writing can be changing your xmp files unwillingly. Keep that off and your quite safe.
(manual transporting data is still possible between images and from dxo db to xmp file.)
In dxoplv6 you have colortags and star rating and some other filmstrip selecting possibility’s.

When you use bridge so i think also in Lr, you can multiselect images and send it toward dxo pl as a “Project” so you can ignore library tab in dxopl completely if you want.

I just reinstalled LR6 two days ago. It took me a long time to find the download as Adobe no longer provides it. The reason I reinstalled was because I accidentally uninstalled it after doing a trial of Lightroom CC. I know…duh…

Seconded. It may be that dedicated DAM products, as often mentioned in these forums, can do as well, but for the price (free) it’s hard to beat Lightroom Classic with no subscription payment. I’ve chosen to pay for Lightroom lately (and it’s about to renew) but used it for a couple of years without paying a cent.

No! In addition to losing the focus on photographs, Bridge’s keyword system is dumbed down from Lightroom’s. I’d far rather have “unresponsive tabs” that I simply ignore, than have to fight with an unsuitable application.

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Hmmm, maybe i need to instal a Lr then to see if i want to have a better DAM.

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yes! try it

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Hmmm, that’s interesting. I’m working on previous experience with Windows upgrades. I had to go through LR activation when i went to Win 10 and i know others who have been unable to activate LR 6 on Win 11.