Tools in palettes not expanding/collapsing on first click in title

Since removing the little triangle/arrow for expanding/collapsing tools, I find that, often, it takes more than one click on the tool title to expand/collapse the tool.

After the tool has been expanded/collapsed once, it seems to respond fine but, if you change workspaces, it reverts to not responding to the first click.

@StevenL can I flag you on this one ?

I don’t get this on my iMac (DPL 4.1.2 on Mojave)
I don’t get this on my MacBook Air either (DPL 4.1.2 on Big Sur on M1)

Try changing workspace and see what happens. At least that sermed to trigger it for me.

Did the routine you described. Still, things work as expected.

Hi @Joanna,
I have tried, switching back & forth between workspaces but I was unable to reproduce your issue…

Hmmm. this appears to be linked to my Magic Mouse detecting the slightest of movement between mouse-down and mouse-up and cancelling the mouse-up. It takes very little to move a tool when trying to click on it.

I don’t have this problem with PL3 when clicking on the arrows. Could the delay before detecting movement be increased a bit?

I’m not sure we have modified the delay you are mentioning…

Maybe not but it seems like somebody has changed detecting a button press on the triangle to detecting a mouse-up on a textfield. The timings implicit in these two are different. The mouse-up usually comes after the mouse-down and drag detection. You need the drag detection to move the tool in the palette but it appears that the movement delta may be too small to allow anything more than one pixel before starting the drag.

All the preceding is based on my personal experience, may not be the case here but would be explained by responding to a mouse-up instead of a button press.