Tone Curve Issue(?)

So after a day of headaches its probably best if I just turn the computer off!

However…I rarely use the tone curve (too lazy to experiment properly tbh) but I have used it today as one of my photos had an overall green cast to it so I just tweaked the green channel. Job jobbed or so I assumed.

Moving through the other pictures in the folder and that green channel adjustment has now been applied to all 9 files but all other adjustments remain individually as set for each file.
iIf I turn the curve off on the other 8 files it turns it off on the one I want the curve to apply to.

Surely this can’t be the expected behaviour?

If you select 9 files and change the tonecurve, all images will be “tonecurved”. If you then select a single image and change the TC, the remaining 8 images will not change.

Other than that, I suppose that you have tried the white blance/tint slider…

I haven’t selected all 9 images though.
Maybe I explained badly.

I open the image I wanted to adjust the tone curve. Do so plus whatever else I wanted to do.

I go back to the PhotoLibrary and open the next image.
The adjusted green channel of the tone curve is already ‘on’ and applied.
I am editing these images individually bar two which as they were same location same subject and 30seconds apart had the same basic levels adjustment done on one and then copied across. However, these aren’t the picture that I applied the green curve adjustment too.

The only things these 9 pictures have in common is they were taken on the same day with the same gear and now sit in the same folder ready for editing.
I see no reason for DPL to be applying the green or indeed I imagine any curve to all pictures when I only have one selected and being worked on.
The next picture should be starting with no adjustments yet for some reason that’s not the case. No idea why and I’ve given up for the day!

…strange indeed and hard to say what the cause could be. An often used “cure” is to delete the database and try again. The database is located in /Users/NNNNN/Library/DxO PhotoLab v5/ and is called “DOPDatabaseV5.dopdata” (the .dopdata extension might not be shown)


  • Make a backup copy of the database file is you have put a lot of effort into editing already!
  • NNNNN stands for your home folder (user account) name
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Indeed. Very strange as for whatever reason ‘something’ has caused that Tone Curve to become ‘global’ for the folder.

Will see what happens next time I’m at the computer and delete the database if need be to attempt to rule things out.
Hopefully just a momentary ‘blip’ and it doesn’t repeat.