Tonal Contrast Filter - Defaulting To Zero Values?

I recently upgraded to Nik Collection 5 and was disappointed to discover that the Tonal Contrast filter still defaults to what are, in my opinion, very harsh values for all of its sliders. Is there a way to change the defaults for a given filter (here, to zero out the starting values and let me put in a different set)? I use it quite a bit and it’s a little annoying to have to reset each slider before editing.

Similarly, I’d love for Nik to default to my favorites when starting up as a plug-in vs. needing to select it each time it loads.

Hi and welcome,

I don’t think that you can do your second request, but your first request could be handled by creating a preset with your favorite settings for Tonal Contrast. You would still have to click the preset after you enter CEP5, but at least you wouldn’t have to see the garish standard version first.

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I see - thank you! It always struck me as very odd that most filters do not have starting values, but Tonal Contrast does.