To get the horse out the hallway... Tutorials of DxO PhotoLab toolset....... oempfh

Its NOT a feature request but still a request. And i post this request in a POSITIVE manor because i think its one of the pilars to be competitive to other applications in a wider consumer-area.

Several new users are stunned by the lack of good tutorials to get comfortable and skilled with the toolset and its possibillities.
I have to say, at first look there are a ton of webinairs, tutorials, how to’s to find on the DxO supportwebsite.
Much more then i was used to, coming from Silkypix (panasonic thus…)
But running through all existing video’s and text tutorials i find my self in a place halve way the holy grail. (i grasp its posibilities but can’t find the real knowledge of how can i use it best)

This forum is also a good place to explore and gain knowledge but still the complains has some ground.(And this is just my opinion/observation)

  • tutorials of things in local toolset: wel its officiously clear its new, the one’s there are are more commurcial then diving deep in how to use.
  • google-ing “DxO subject” like “DxO primenoise” does seem to get no real hits of use.
    or “DxO brushes” only 2018 is a commercialtutorial.
    or DxO Mask… same out come.
    Diving in the pdf manual wel again: against my other manual of SP i know its less detailed in it’s how it working and which setting does what exactly.

I know self study does the best learning but still:
Is it possible to make some new tutorials/updated one’s for the official website tailored to Photolab v1.2.x? (lot of things are there already but scattered around the versions of dxo optics and pl or to shallow explained and more commercial advertising then educational.)

for every toolset covering:(by text: manual, by video: tutorial)

  • How it works.
  • which setting go best with what.
  • what does the magic want for you and what not
  • for the more difficult tools like filmpacks manual sliders (not the preset filters) and local correction tools is it best to do some showing how it can be used.
    (ive mentioned R.W. and his NIKcollection video’s which i found very informative and easy to follow.)

(ok now i hope not be kicked in the stomach by this horse i placed in the hallway by put some light on it and give it a push…:yum:)

You are very lucky
I have just done it :slight_smile:

Wait some days for the english version
or take a look on the french version.



I think ill wait for the english version…
last time i tried to grasp french language i got the lowest grade +1 i could get by putting my name on the exameform… :blush: (That was 35 years ago and i am still crossed about it because i did had two words written correct… :joy:)

There was a time when dutch people spoke french.
E.g my parents-in-law

Dus ik moest Nederlands leren.



Hello guys,

Let’s ask @CaptainPO to take part in this discussion :smiley:

Svetlana G.

Hi everyone !

I can already answer that we’re working on setting up new learning materials (in different formats: from webinars to 1 or 2 minutes quick tutorials on features, articles, etc.)
All this is still at early stage, but we hope to have the first batch of content by end of year.

So stay tuned and keep posting ideas and topics which are always welcome and will allow us not to miss anything :wink:



Great! can’t wait. :slightly_smiling_face:

One small request: is it possible to make clean house?
just build this webpage just around the new made stuff?
(the already existing material can just be where it is.)
It can be confusing to see different interfaces and possibilities of the versions of optic pro and photolab in the video’s.

It would be very nice if i go to this page:
click on subject: type of tool: controlpoint, smartlighting, clearview … and all info containing this subject is got lined up.

and an other thing i would be trilled to have is:
when the ? mark is a link to emanual of that subject.
see arrow which button could be holding the link. to this:

This would make our first step of “what does this” much more accessible.

Thanks in advanced.


This is a great development, thank you all. Have also been digging around and found that there are also relevant Optics Pro tutorials out there which are of help. A rebuilt database of PL training though is no doubt the best approach. And I am doing my bit by adopting the self learning philosophy more - am getting to grips with Clear View and Smart Lighting at the moment :smile:

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