Tips about partial presets?

Hi everyone,

I’m new to dxo and I’m beginning to create and organize my own presets.

My question is about the creation of partial presets.
I didn’t find a quick way to create a preset on just one tool (or let’s say just a few tools).
When I create a preset, all the tools are selected. I can edit the preset and deselect the tools, but if I want to keep only one or two, I have to untick all the other boxes (and ensure that my current layout includes all the tools… otherwise the tools that are not displayed stay ticked.

Is there a quicker way to do this?
A way to say “untick all other boxes” or “untick all undisplayed boxes”?

I tried to create a preset with no tool at all, that I would use as a basis for all my partial presets, but this seems no to be possible.

I’d just add that if I open a .preset file, there seems to have a lot more information that the tools I ticked.

For instance, for a preset with just the “horizon” tool included (but unselected), there are a lot a fields that have nothing to do with the horizon.
(i attached the file)

For example:
ContrastEnhancementActive = false,
UserExifAuthor = “”,
WhiteBalanceRGBActive = false,
UserExifCopyright = “”,
ChannelMixerRed = 0,
TexturingSeed = 0,
ChannelMixerGreen = 0,
ChannelMixerBlue = 0,
ChannelMixerMagenta = 0,
VignettedBlurBlendFactor = 100,
TexturingOpacity = 0.5,
WhiteBalanceRGBTemperature = 5200,

1 tool - Horizon.preset (1,4 Ko)

Ok… my bad…
I didn’t see the “create an empty preset” option when right clicking on the preset windows.
Seems the smartest way to create a partial preset.

So, problem solved.


Yes, this is exactly the way.

Svetlana G.