Tip---PhotoLab 4 Elite-- Batch Renaming

In PhotoLab 4, windows 10, using Batch Rename, here is a tip that might help you use it to your advantage.

I often want to add my name at the beginning of an image title for an image I want to attach to an email. In Export File, I create the jpegs I need that I keep in the same file folder as my RAW images. I then use the Sort by Extension function at the left hand edge of the Film Strip. This places all of my jpeg images at the beginning. Then I select all of the jpegs needing m name added. Then use Batch rename and add text to the beginning of all of the Jpegs. .

In my workflow I use another program to create a unique name for each file at the time of download into PL4.

As a windows user this also places all of the Jpeg files in one group in Windows explorer, making them easier to find outside of PL4. Looking for a specific Jpec next to a RAW image is a pain.

I am glad DXO added this function to PhotoLab.