Tip for bulk White Balance adjustments

I had a bunch of RAW images to which I wanted to apply a common set of WB values …

  • I used the WB picker on just one of the images to establish my preferred settings
  • … then I selected all the images and manually entered the Temp & Tint values into the current UI
  • However, on checking the result, I found that settings had reverted to their original (as shot) values !!

I pondered this for a while, and did some testing … and finally realised that I must FIRST change the state to “Manual or custom” BEFORE I override the Temp & Tint values - and then the bulk update works fine.

Also; when manually changing the Temp value note that you must delete the “K” (or select the entire entry-field) before entering the new value.

HtH - John M

Select them first and then use the wb picker.
“as shot” is automatic changed to “manual or custom” when I enter a value for either the temp or the tint. Also when selecting more images.
Win 10.


Yes - that method works too, George. Just be careful, tho - as that approach does not work equally with all of PL’s “sampling” tools.

For example; if you select multiple images and apply Spot Weighted’s sampling rectangle to the current/visible image then, actually, each image is sampled separately and the result applied (by Smart Lighting) can be quite different - especially if the common area being sampled has quite different tones in different images.


You mention wb adjustments which is a global adjustment.
I don’t know what you’ve done. What you describe just works with me.
I just finished playing with digitizing my color dia’s and had to try this. No problem.
As soon you enter a value, “as shot” is changing to “manual or custom” . Again win 10.


As you first pick WB and then want to change more images with the same numbers.
methode1, write down numbers, select the others manual type in the numbers in one of them.
Methode two, create a preset , make it partial only wb active, name it so you know which it is and use it on the images you want in multiple selection and one by one.

I use sometime my trusted auto natural WB in S.P. To get rid of color casting and type the numbers from that action in DxO. Much more acruate then a colorpicker.
Colorpickers need a grey or white area. Any thing else will set WB off.

Or a black area. I use it to remove color cast in night sky photography (expand to 400%, navigate to a spot that ‘should’ be black, pick that.
Does that mean I’m removing some sky glow that is actually there? Dunno. Maybe. But the sky looks black (assuming Bortle 3 or better) to my eyes.