Timeframe for Sony A7RV support

Hey everyone,

is the a timeframe for the Sony A7RV RAW support for PhotoLab? Maybe at least a rough one?

Thanks in advance…

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For now I am helping myself by editing the exif of the files, renaming the camera from ILCE-7RM5 to ILCE-7RM4. Then PhotoLab 6 is opening them and let’s me edit.

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The support for the A7IV-files took 6 months to implement. Time to pray! :slight_smile:

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Well, for the time being editing the exif works well enough.

I hope it won’t take them that long though, it’s still the same sensor after all and only processing is different.
I also think it’s gonna be a quite popular and successful modell which could mean it will be added a bit quicker cuz there’s more interest. :smiley:

Are you happy with the results?

Yea, I am.
Edits just fine, colours seem to be okay, all features working as far as I can tell.

Ofc I want to have native support asap but for the time being I am happy. :+1:

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In case you want to do this easily, install exiftool then use:

exiftool -sonymodelid="ILCE-7RM4" -ext ARW -r filenamehere.arw

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I have to admit… I use the GUI for exiftool. Works like a charm… :smiley:

Now supported! Thanks.

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