Please get DXO working with the Sony AR7V

I have good reason to want it. Its the best photo software there is, and need to check some images taken with the AR7V. Now this was a surprise to me, but, I have a collection of Minolta A-Mount lens from the 1980s. Tried them on the A7Rv with the LA-EA5 adapter. Every one of them will focus and work as they did on the Minolta 9000, Sony A850, A99 and A99ii. Same goes for some newer A-mount Sigma and Tamron lenes. According to what I’ve read, this should not be, so Sony has done something with the AR7V that we did not know about.

The Minolta glass includes the Minolta 20mm, 24mm, 28-85, 24-85, 28-135, 50mm, 50mm Macro, 100mm Macro, and the 17-35mm. Sigma lens checked includes 85mm, 12-24mm, 70-200mm. The Tamron 150-600 also works fine.

Most of them did not focus on the A6400 with the LA-EA5 adapter. But are fine on the A7RV.

And for fun one day I put a Metabons adapter on the 6400 and tried a collection of Minolta MD glass from the early 80s. Everyone of them produced great images. Just had to focus manually.

As soon as DXO reads ARW files from the A7RV I’ll check the quality of the images.

This has already been answered by DxO here:

Some other threads about A7RV support: (You’ve created two! This isn’t going to bring a faster result.)

Timeframe for Sony A7RV support - DxO PhotoLab - DxO Forums

Besides, it does work with the A7RV with a little workaround:

check here: DxO Software - New Optic Modules released and Cameras & Lenses support (7 December 2022 update) - #201 by Marie

We had exactly the same problems with A7 IV and we had to wait for 6 months. Maybe you will be luckier. I found I had two alternatives:

either use Sonys Imaging Edge which not is so bad at all. It´s free for you and will give you a chance right away to test your A7r V ARW

or you can download the Hexeditor HxD and the Macroeditor “MacroEditor” (Windows)
If you use Mac I´m sure there are some applications you can use there too. Below is a link that explains how to exchange camera version codes in your files. Try to use the model code used for the previous version of your camera or you can actually use even the codes for A7 IV. It will also “let you in”.

Dear DXO Staff, when can we use Photolab 5 for Sony ARW-files from A7 IV too? - DxO PhotoLab - DxO Forums

If you want to automate the exchange of the codes download the macro editor “MacroEditor”. A working macroscript is embedded in the link below.

Dear DXO Staff, when can we use Photolab 5 for Sony ARW-files from A7 IV too? - DxO PhotoLab - DxO Forums

this are three plus one new camera. Few have all of them or even access to them. Others, most in fact do not work on every lens and Sony is not clear in their wording to tell people that.

Well the free exif editors that I’ve found only do one file at a time. And some what you to spend a $100 for a fix to run batch changes. That is not acceptable to me.

Exiftool is free and does multiple files. It is command line based but you can get GUI frontends for it.

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IMO, batch editing camera tags is not a good idea. Even if DxO does not yet support those bodies, are you willing to risk the sanity of those RAWs?

If you change tags in file copies, you’ll want to revisit all your edits, once DxO knows how to handle the new cameras. sounds like boring, tedious work.


I used the hexeditor some months and there will be no problem at all with these files in the future. It’s no big deal at all if a A7 IV file is marked as a version III-file instead. I can 't tell any visual difference at all. These profiles can be used or neglected and even turned off in standard presets so why stopping us from open the files??

The only thing these kamera and lensprofiles does is giving you a better starting point for your editing but they don’t do anything magical you can 't do yourselves.The lens profiles are more important because without them Lens Correction gets inactivated.

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Sorry to be a little off-topic here but i’m curious of your experience with LA-EA5 did the combinations from your old lens with the new camera body where detected by DXO for correction?

I’m considering the LA-EA5 + alpha 6600 combo but not quite sure i would get the best* from dxo photolab doing it.

*hence deepprime and distortion correction

About the LA-EA5; I have been using my trusty Minolta 200mm f2…8 HS G on the A7Rv and the pair are perfect for each other. No concerns about picture quality. The only draw-back is the lack of support of the lens on PL6.

actually i’m quite surprised that the combo LA-EA5 + alpha 6600 is quite perfect and even recognized by DXO lens + camera profiles.

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I am delighted it works for you.

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