Tif file not display


I do not know if this should be reported here.
I have some TIF file which are correctly display by DxO. I have some other TIF which are marked with a question mark and that can’t be display. The message say : (transept from french) “This image can’t be processed due to an unknown error. This image might be either corrupted or in an unknown format”

All those TIF images (those PL3 can’t display as well as those it can display) were produced by Lightroom, after I migrated (few month ago) to DxO PL3, to ‘export’ the processed image to PL3. Those TIF files can be open on Lightroom and with any other image visualisation software (Preview, Photoshop, Gimp) on my OS (OS X Catalina 10.15.6).

Is your PhotoLab 3 up-to-date?

DxO will need TIFF files to test in order to see what’s going wrong. My suggestion is to open a support ticket at support.dxo.com and use upload.dxo.com to provide one or more TIFF files that PhotoLab won’t open.


Yes my PL 3 is up to date. I will follow your advises and contact support team.