Thumbnails strip in image explorer : shift left and right using more natural gestures

It wiuld be useful to allow user to shift the image strip left and right usung natural gestures.

Suggestions for gestures
Using a mouse: hold down the left button and drag left or right
Using the touchpad: using two-finger gesture, keep two fingers on the touchpad while shifting left and right.

The current gestures are unnatural for the user:

  • scrolling the mouse wheel up-down moves the strip right-left.
  • using two-finger gesture on the touchpad, keep two fingers on the touchpad while shifting up and down shifts the thumbnail strip left-right

I suppose there’s a need to improve usability with a touchpad. However, with a mouse, I use the scrollbar, which I think is more efficient and less risky. (I’m concerned that a natural gesture across thumbnails in PhotoLab can accidentally change a tag or trigger deletion. Even on mobile devices, I find swiping gestures to be problematic with many apps, accidentally selecting text and invoking commands.)

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