Thumbnails in Photo Supreme

I’m diagnosing a weird problem in Photo Supreme Ultimate which might be caused by Photolab. Please weigh in!! (I’ve been stumped for weeks!)

Thumbnails in PSU for my Fujifilm RAF images are not being updated properly. To work around this I attempted to use THM files, which are just JPG with a renamed extension. However, THM files produced by Photolab 5 don’t work. However, when I copy into a folder an old JPG created in 2019 with Lightroom from a Sony ARW file, the thumbnail DOES update correctly.

To be specific: I have a folder containing a newly created RAF file from a Fujifilm X-T5. When I edit the RAF in Photoshop 5, export a cropped JPG which I rename to THM, and update the thumbnail in PSU, there is no change to the thumbnail that is displayed. But… When I copy an older JPG into that folder and rename it to THM, the displayed thumbnail is updated properly.

I hope that I’ve described this problem accurately enough to get some thoughts that will lead to a clear diagnosis of the problem.


To be clear, is it your intention for PSU to display the embedded JPEG or the exported one? It sounds like it’s doing a mix of both

My intent is to use external JPGs as thumbnails. I have now unearthed the problem. There is a setting in PSU that controls the preview size. (It is in the Catalog tab of the preferences.) Your choice must be equal or smaller than the shortest dimension of your external thumbnail. If not, then the external thumb is silently ignored.

As a wildlife photographer who crops heavily, my external thumbs were often smaller than the setting I chose in PSU.

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