Thumbnails for folders in PhotoLibrary view

I own and have vacillated between Luminar 4, On1 Photo RAW 2020 and, of course, PhotoLab 3. Of the 3, PR2020 and PL 3 are my running neck and neck favorites (with a slight advantage to PL 3).

One item PR2020 has that I REALLY wish PL 3 had was a display of subfolder thumbnails in PhotoLibrary view (attached). Having a visual representation of a folder’s content can be significantly more meaningful than having to keep a record of contents somewhere by date. Does this feature exists and I’m simply missing it? If so, it seems it would be a desirable default setting.

Hello @c.gephart,

Please, have a look - Add option to show contents of parent folder and subfolders when searching by folder name - it’s about the same I guess and you can vote there.

Svetlana G.

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