This Image Cannot Be Processed Since Its EXIF Data Cannot Be Read or is Corrupted

Editing an old jpg photo taken by an old Olympus camera. Photolab handles the jpg just fine, but after sending it to Dfine2, the resulting tif file can’t be read or displayed by Photolab for the subject reason. This is as odd as it is annoying since the tif was created by the Photolab export process and edited only by Dfine. I haven’t touched it with anything else.

Windows shows the the Dfine-edited tif in the preview pane of explorer and shows all the EXIF data in both the detail pane and the file properties, so the photo isn’t completely borked.

Anyone have any insight or a workaround?

This is best handled by - but with more info maybe something can be suggested. What version of PhotoLab? What version of the Nik Collection? What do you see if you examine the EXIF information both before and after the TIFF file is edited by Dfine2? (I use IrfanView to examine EXIF data.)

Thanks for the input.

PhotoLab 6.2.0, build 103. Updated the Nik Collection version today. Dfine 2 version is 5.05 x64 (v5.4.0).

I’ll have to do a comparison of the EXIF data and report back here, but the problem definitely seems to be with DFine. After the jpg is exported to TIFF, but before I save any changes from DFine, PhotoLab can read the image just fine. After I save the changes in DFine, PhotoLab can no longer read it and reports the error message.

I understand that support is in a better position to handle this sort of thing, but am hesitant to go down that rabbit hole since the last time I reported EXIF data losses to them, they had me provide multiple files that they 1) lost and then 2) didn’t act on after I provided them again. I followed up several times with them and eventually gave up. Then more than a year later, they reached out to me asking that I provide the files again. As far as I know, that issue was never resolved since it had to do with software that was two major updates ago.

I’ll investigate the EXIF differences and reply to this thread with what I find.

After looking at EXIF dumps from both files, it’s clear to me that I’ll need to go through support. When DFine saves the TIFF file, it removes 27 fields from the PhotoLab file and adds 38 that weren’t in the PhotoLab file. I’m not fluent enough in EXIF to be able to figure out which fields are invalid, if any.

@jeffjones22 Hello, Please, provide me with the sample images (RAW and Dfine output). Upload them here - and let me know when ready.
Thank you

Hi Cecile,

I’ve done this multiple times for ticket#399329. Please confirm that I need to do it again for you request.

I believe the reason I’ve had to upload them multiple times is because support keeps asking me for the original RAW file. The example I have is for an original photo taken by an Olympus point-and-shoot camera about 20 years ago. It didn’t shoot RAW. It only shot JPG, so the original file I keep providing is JPG, not RAW.

@jeffjones22 Hi Jeff, all is good. Thank you very much.

@jeffjones22 Our developers are working on this issue and you will be informed when it’s fixed.
Thank you for your understanding :slightly_smiling_face:

I do get the same warning when my disk is full. Happened to me twice on an external usb drive. File was written with a file size of 0. Toke me a while before I noticed that.


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That’s a good point. I’ll watch for that. In this case, the file was fully written and PhotoLab showed the thumbnail. Just couldn’t do anything with it.

@jeffjones22 Hello Jeff, The issue has been fixed. The fix will be delivered with the next releases (PL5.8, 6.3). Regards.


Please thank the team for taking care of this so quickly.