This image cannot be processed since it was taken with a camera

I am using the trial version of DXO 2 (had the same problem with DXO 1)

I have a Nikon D850 and when I export a pic to LR, it shows back in the DXO filmstrip with a blank (dark grey) with a large ? mark in the center and an exclamation mark bottom right, and when I select the picture I get:

"This image cannot be processed since it was taken with a camera that is not supported by this version of DXO Photolab"

This camera has modules, how come says is not supported?

I started a topic exactly like this on the old forum months ago (also send a ticket) as requested, and no solution.

I figure by now it would have been corrected.

I would like to upgrade, not asking much, at least an explanation.

Help please!

Hello @kite55surfer,

Emilio, I’ve got several questions:
1 - Are the original RAW and JPEG from your Nikon D850 supported (properly displayed) in PhotoLab?
2 - If the originals have no problem with PL and only the exported images, then could you, please provide me with the samples of these images?
3 - Is the problem on Mac or Win?

Thank you,
Svetlana G.

Hi Svetlana,

1-YES, displayed perfectly

Files in this link:

3- Only have Mac



Thank you for the files, Emilio.

Now I see what the problem is. You export the files in dng output format which is not supported by PhotoLab that is why you see this message. You will have exactly the same if you simply export your image to disk in dng. It has no connection either with the camera or LR.
You won’t have this issue if you repeat your scenario but export not in dng but in tiff for example.

Svetlana G.

If I get it right then this behavior exists already in PL 1.2. Exported pictures (JPG or TIFF developed from RAW) have the gray exclamation mark in the film strip. I always assumed this is to avoid that lens corrections etc. are applied to already processed pictures a second time.

1-Why then there is an option to export as DNG (without some kind of warning)
2-Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of shooting RAW, if I export as TIFF? Or is it TIFF same as RAW (DNG)?
3-Is PL assuming I am done making adjustment to the picture, so there is no need to export as DNG?

I am more confused than before.
Thanks for at least help me uncover the mystery.


So the DNG output from PL is supported by other applications so when you export it to LR or other app you can modify this image. But is there really a need as the usual workflow in this case is the following: you modify the image in PL, apply all necessary corrections and then export it to LR for example to fine-tune it.

About the warning, well we will think about it.

Thank you
Svetlana G.