Thin lines / grids on image

One of the problems I had with the free Google version of SFX is that occasionally very thin straight lines would appear in places on the image, sometimes several lines in a grid pattern. You usually had to view at 100% to see them but were sometimes obvious at standard view. The lines were not present on the image in Lightroom, nor were they present on the Neutral image produced by SFX, they appeared once a preset effect was applied. Not all presets would do this and the presets that did do it would change with the image. I also tried not applying the preset but instead manually moving the sliders to the same settings as a preset which was causing the problem on a given image - lines appeared again. Ok, so move forward to the new DxO version on the Nik Collection and I was hoping that this was some sort of incompatibility bug with recent operating systems which would have been fixed - no, it’s still happening.

I’m using Windows 7, all updates and service packs installed, and Lightroom 6.

An internet search for ‘vertical lines’ or ‘grid lines’ on SFX images brings up results showing I’m not the only one to experience this issue. Any chance of a fix? TBH I’m reluctant to upgrade to the paying DxO version at the present time with this serious bug present. If it were eliminated I’d pay for it.

This was not previously an issue. I suspect that the point is to compel users to pay for the product.

FYI, DXO do not support the free version.

What do you mean ‘it was not previously an issue’? Previous to when? If you look online people have posted on forums about this issue back to 2013. You don’t appear top have read my post properly - I am aware DxO do not support the free version and for that reason I downloaded the new paying version and the point I am making is that this issue is still present on the paid for version. The point is to make DxO aware of this bug so they can look into it because while it is still there on the new paid for version there is no incentive to pay for it. No-one is going to be compelled to pay for a version which still has a major bug.

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