"These images are either not supported or have already been processed..."

Just experimenting with the trial version…quite an amazing experience so far.
I keep getting the title error “These images are either not supported or have already been processed in DxO PureRaw, or the files may be corrupted” , but only on images from a few folders in my archives, all from a specific year so far.
They do not seem to be corrupted as they open fine in all of my other editing/viewing software. They are .CR2 files, and others from the same camera and lens combo have processed just fine.
Anyone have any thoughts on what might be causing this? I’m new to DxO
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Johnny C.

Please check if the files that don’t work are c-raw files. As of today, DxO does not support c-raw files.

@DxOStaffPO, should this maybe added to the manual? Systemvoraussetzungen

Also sRAW and mRAW are not supported either.

Looked a bit closer to the list of supported devices. The α1 is on it, but support will start in June 2021 … so I just have to wait …

I’ve been using it on cRAW for a week…is this just a new update?

However, on checking I discovered the problem files are indeed mRAW, from a brief experiment I tried with that format.

Thank you.

Thank you! mRaw is indeed the file type…I had forgotten all about it, but I experimented with it for a couple of shoots and the problem files are from that.

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I’m new to PureRaw and was disconcerted when “These images are either not supported or have already been processed in DxO PureRaw, or the files may be corrupted” displayed on many image files. It didn’t take me long to figure it out. Check the metadata on any of those files (such as in Bridge, or elsewhere). Under “file properties” you will see “application.” In that field you may see “Adobe…” Lightroom, Photoshop, etc. Or even the Adobe DNG converter. If you processed an image in probably ANY photo-editing application , you will receive this message and the file cannot be processed by DXOPR. As an IT professional of 35 years, I can see why DXO does this (even though I don’t like it!). DXOPR must (prefers) to start processing an image as an unadulterated image that hasn’t had any metadata, xmp data, whatever “corrupted” (altered) in any way. If another processing engine was used on the image, DXOPR would not have a clean slate to start with. I sympathize with that. However, for me, there’s two big draws for DXOPR: improved raw conversion of new images, and also rejuvination of old raw images. I’ve process many older images in ACR and wish to re-do them in a superior raw conversion tool. However, given the DXOPR approach I can’t.
As an IT professional, just thinking about this problem a little while, I came up with a possible solution for DXO PR programmers, but it would probably be complicated. I’ll just give a brief summary. ACR/Lightroom purport to never alter the original raw data, just embed changes in sidecars or within the image file itself. I don’t know how this process works, but why couldn’t DXOPR “simply” make a copy of the file (not changing the input!), restore the “adulturated” (I like that word in this context) file to purity in a second file, and then process this second, purified, file?

I’m a little bit confused, because I’m not able to reproduce what you wrote. Maybe you take at look at my comment to DxO Pure Raw - before or after import to Lightroom? on 2021-05-16: The DNG/RAWs which I sent with LR export functionality, or on which I saved the metadata explicitly, work very well in PureRAW. And of course, the application tag (called software in LR) is set to Adobe Lightroom…

So, if I understand your post, you CAN process an image file (DNG) in PureRaw that has been previously processed in LR (which processes DNG files in ACR) without getting the “can’t process/or corrupted” message? I don’t use LR anymore, but have numerous DNG files that have been processed in LR, and none of these can be processed in PureRaw, which is quite a disappointment. PureRaw’s claim to be able to process old DNG files to rejuvenate them doesn’t work if they have been previously processed in ACR (or perhaps any other image-editing app, even the Adobe DNG Converter). Note that I have made the fatal error of NOT saving the original, unadulterated, DNG file, but only saved the DNG that was converted in ACR. Once a file has been converted by ACR, PureRaw won’t convert it. That’s my experience. Always save the untouched, original raw file. Convert a copy. I learned my lesson.

With release 1.2 of PureRaw, the files from Sony A1 are supported now. Thanks DxO …

This is what the manual says:

Supported formats and cameras will continue to evolve as DxO PureRAW is updated.

  • DxO PureRAW supports all current RAW files, with the exception of images from Fujifilm cameras using XTrans sensors.
  • Original DNG files from cameras using this format
  • DNG* files from RAW formats supported by DxO and converted with Adobe Lightroom Classic, Lightroom, Camera Raw, or Adobe DNG Converter
  • DxO PureRAW does not support compressed DNG files and DNG files obtained by fusing photos from Adobe Lightroom Classic, Lightroom, or Camera Raw.

I just downloaded this and I can’t seem to open ANY image no matter what format. What am I doing wrong?

Tell us what you are trying to open… Camera model, filename (with extension) can help us help you.

Also from what I gather at this point is that there aren’t any modules imported to the pure raw. From what I understand that once an image is open in the program that an option to download those modules will pop up. Since I can’t import images I don’t see the option. Also when I hover the mouse over the DXO modules button nothing happens, but does have check mark.

I’ve been trying to open .tiff and .raw. I’ve also been trying to convert jpeg to png but those won’t transfer either. Cameras are Canon rebel t5i, Canon 80d and canon eon 5dsr. Also using iPhone 12pro max in raw but realized that that isn’t option. IMG_1550.CR2 Canon MP-E 65mm f/2.8 1-5x Macro Photo .RAW
IMG_0049.HEIC Phone XR back camera 4.25mm f/1.8 HEIF
IMG_2415.PNG no camera info.
Canon camera eon 5dsr is new so haven’t been able to download photos yet. I also realized that the canon 80d shot in jpeg and raw but file comes up as jpeg.

When opening a raw digital image file PureRaw check if it is compatible with DxO technologies. It is doing this by checking the Exif value of Make (the brand) and Model. The list of supported camera can be found here Supported Cameras - DxO

Your Canon bodies seem to be supported by DxO - check out the link posted by @GaoGao.
iPhone 12pro max and XR are not supported yet.

Hi all,

I’m new to PureRAW and am trying the demo. Apologies if I am overlooking anything. I am trying to import a bunch of raws (.ARW and .DMG) and am also getting this error message. The cameras I am using are an a7rii, a7riii, and a Q2M. The profiler found the a7rii + lens combinations fine, but did not give me the option to load profiles for neither the a7riii nor the Q2M. Those are the files that I am unable to load. Is there a way I can manually find and load those profiles?


You can check this for more details https://tutodxo.com/en/exifs-modification/

I’ve just started using PR2 with Lightroom. While the export to PR works as expected, once the image is imported back into LR (in the DxO PureRAW2 Collection) as a .dng file and I Develop the image and try to export to a JPEG I am facing the “These images are either not supported…” message above.

However, I did eventually manage to complete my export by disabling both the DxO PureRAW 2 and DxO PureRaw 2 Import plug ins

Not sure if I’m doing something wrong, but I’m sure PR isn’t supposed to work this way?