"The same version of Nik Collection is already installed"

I had in the past successfully installed Nik Collection 4 on my windows device.
Windows updated. GPU software updated
Nik Collection was very slow.
As previously instructed I uninstalled NIK collection.
Tried to Re install version 4 and get this error message
“The same version of Nik Collection is already installed”
So far tech support has told me to do what I have already done.

Any one else have this issue after Windows update and Nvidia update?

You’re trying to run a freshly downloaded Nik Collection 4 installer? (Just making sure you’re having this problem with the latest update, not an older one.)

And when you browse Apps in Windows 10 settings, you don’t see Nik Collection there? (Just making sure Windows didn’t revert to an earlier state for some reason and cleanly removed the software.)

Thanks, but have checked these issues too many times.

I suspect the hidden data is in the registry lurking somewhere

I had the same issue. I had to use Cleaner.exe to go into the registry to remove all bits of DXO left behind. I suppose any other cleaner will work.

Thanks for the insight
I used a well known cleaner and no such luck
I had to reinstall windows and rebuild my PC
Things do work.

After most recent windows update, the same thing happened.
Case sent to tech support and also to AMD as runny AMD PRO 5700 video card.

Viveza sliders are so slow that all adjustments are approximate until it registers.

Fearing Windows 11, but need to stay secure.

I am having exactly the same issue. Did anybody find a way to make the installation work again?