The new NIK collection upgrade

I just installed the NIK collection upgrade. What has been changed?

You’ll find the changes described in the release notes:

Start at and select Explore > Help & Support. Then click on “Nik Collection.” Goes here:

Nik Collection – Help center (


Thank you Egregius

Support for PL4 is GONE!..NOT

I have to correct myself, just rechecked and still WORKING! During Installation I couldn’t choose PL4 but it’s still accessible.

I just re-installed the NIK Collection. Freezes again and again on Monterey 12.3.1 when used as LRC plugin.

I have seen that SFX is an Intel distribution in the DMG …

Not nearly enough. Still waiting to get my upgrade money’s worth for the complete collection. The fact that the interfaces of half the apps are still unchanged to match the “new” design of those that were changed doesn’t impress as far as upgrading a “collection” is concerned.

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