The info popup

Hi. I was wondering if we could do something about the info popup. This is the tooltip window that appears when the cursor is over an image in the filmstrip for more than a second or two.

I hate it. I absolutely hate it.

It appears unexpectedly, and I’ve been conditioned to move the cursor when it appears, but all too often, the cursor merely ends up hovered over another image in the filmstrip, and another popup appears. There is very little space in the window that is safe from triggering the popup.

The popup window is too large, too distracting, takes up too much real estate, and gets in the way. It is a constant interruption. It definitely has useful information, but having it always armed and ready to appear is bad UX design.

I suggest a preferences toggle to display/suppress the popup, and a command-I to summon image info on demand.

I hate this incessant behavior so much I am willing to fund its removal.

Please … I am begging you.


That issue was resolved some time ago in the middle of March, for the Windows version at least, when PL 3.2 was released. if you’re on a Mac I believe it was resolved in there as well. If you are running 3.2, go to Preferences and in the Display tab the last option in the Image browser section, “Info Panel” allows you to turn off that behavior.


I see no such preference.

Which version of PL are you using? And is it on a Mac or PC? In Windows it is version 3.2.0 Build 4344.


Mac DXO 3.2.1…

I am not on a Mac so cannot speak to what might have been implemented there. I will do a little research to see if I can find any references to the Mac. I’m surprised it was resolved on one platform without being resolved on the other.


Here is the link to the entire thread on the subject. Apparently there were some Mac issues that needed to be resolved. I don’t know whether it has been implemented on that platform yet.


It has not been was implemented.
However one can use the keystroke “i” for temporary relief.

Hopefully it will be in the next Mac release.


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Hi sorry yes, I should have provided more detail. I am on PL3 3.2.1 Build 51, Mac OS Mojave. There are no preference options to eliminate this behavior.

Thanks Mark, I missed that thread when I did a search (or I was too impatient and peeved at the moment, which is more likely true).

Interesting that this is a Mac-only behavior and that there are issues controlling it or suppressing it on that platform only, Thanks for the link.

Pressing “i” does absolutely nothing on MacOS Catelina.

This is a copy of my recent email in the thread “annoying popup”

It seems that DxO is bent on forcing everyone to see the popup. In the latest “update” they have removed the possibility of avoiding the popup by hovering in the gray area above the picture, now even there you get the popup. Unbelievable!

I can not confirm that - if I move the mouse the pop-up disappears, like in the past.

And I can confirm that it is like I said! I am on 3.3.1 build 57. Of course the popup disappears shortly if you move the pointer, only to pop up again when you hold it still also in the gray area above the picture.

I so agree. Why is this feature of disabling this ridiculous info window only available on the Windows platform??? It absolutely disrupts the workflow. I too hate this incessant behavior so much, that I am willing to switch to a different company’s product.

And I so agree with you too. As a matter of fact I now basically only work with Capture One and I will not be buying any new version of PhotoLab that does not do away with this annoying “feature”.

This did work at one point, but then again, any keystroke made it go away. That behavior appears to have changed now.

I really would like to see this gone. It’s like trying to work on a project in a tight space, say under a car hood, and papers or rags keep falling down in the way.

Please? Pretty please? With sugar on top?

Ok, listen … I will come wash your car for three Saturdays if you can make this happen.

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I can confirm that the “VIEW / Hide Information Overlay” toggle does NOT work.

The incredibly annoying popup relentlessly interferes with workflow. In-fact it it renders the software unusable on a 15" MacBook.

Can we have an ETA on fixing this?

DXO Mac Team:

I won’t offer to wash your car, but I will skip asking for a refund.

I decided to open a support ticket to get some sort of idea. There’s another thread where they talk about having it possibly in v3.2 / end of February. Obviously that didn’t happen. I decided to open a support ticket. I also had unrelated issues that were product defects. They seem to focus more on just closing tickets vs finding a resolution. In any event this info popup takes up 3/4 of the image on my macpro and makes the product unusable on my hardware platform/workflow. It’s been at least 6 months and combined with the lax customer support with no resolution on any of my issues, I am switching back to Lightroom and put in a formal request for a refund. It’s really too bad, as there were many parts of the applications I really liked.