The ICC of images exported to Photos is not sRGB IEC61966-2.1 color gamut

The ICC exported to “Photo” is not sRGB IEC61966-2.1, but Adobe RGB 1998, which is obviously not suitable for display on inter-network devices and directly leads to inconsistent color display.
Dear DXO engineers, let’s take a closer look!

This forum is a user forum, DxO rarely post anything here. If this is a bug you should report it to DxO via this page:

Which color profile did you choose for output? You can choose between various color profiles.

After the image is exported it honors the choice I made. its sRGB.

@MSmithy, DPL’s export “Add to Photos” does not allow to choose a colour space.

I’d expect that DPL exported with the colour space that was set in camera for JPEG output. In order to see what actually happens, I ran a batch of 60 CR2 image files, pulled the resulting JPEGs out of Apple’s “Photos” app and read metadata from the files with the current version of the exiftool…only to find that DPL did what I had expected.

Here are a few lines of such metadata from two different files:

[EXIF]          Flashpix Version                : 0100
[EXIF]          Color Space                     : Uncalibrated
[EXIF]          Exif Image Width                : 1280
[EXIF]          Exif Image Height               : 853
[EXIF]          Interoperability Index          : R03 - DCF option file (Adobe RGB)
[EXIF]          Flashpix Version                : 0100
[EXIF]          Color Space                     : sRGB
[EXIF]          Exif Image Width                : 1280
[EXIF]          Exif Image Height               : 853
[EXIF]          Interoperability Index          : R98 - DCF basic file (sRGB)

Conclusion: The above shows that DPL honours the set interoperability index
when it exports files with “Add to Photos”.

Where is this feature “add to photos”, I don’t have it and never used it. What does it do exactly?

Also I’m on PC, is this specific to MAC feature?

“Photos” is an app that comes with macOS only.

Oh well, that explains it than. Because photos is photos, “Photos” could be an app or could be something else, and The Photos App is indeed is an app. And since its MAC only, now it makes more sense that I didn’t catch that. OK, mystery solved. As a PC user, I’m in the wrong threat than. Good luck.

Yes, it is unique to the Mac version.

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Dear, you may not have seen it clearly. I’m talking about the export method of the “export to photos” application.

Sounds like if you want control of the color space the traditional export option is required. Have you tried that?

I don’t have “export to photos”, I’ve “export to disk”.
RGB is a family name indicating that the images uses RGB pixels. sRGB, ADOBErgb etc. defines the color space in which that image is saved.
I don’t read Chinese or Japanese but when I choose the sRGB ICC profile in the export dialogue, I get that profile.
I don’t recognize your screenshot.


This only exists for Mac.


maybe you consider to change the program’s language to english
→ for when using explaining screenshots here in the forum ←

( I know it feels strange, but I did so for ‘easier’ communication )

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I officially bought it and updated it to the latest version 6.5.1 for Mac, not your output interface!

Sorry! I just found that you and I are using different export methods, and I use the last convenient way. So, this should be a bug of PL6.
截屏2023-04-24 下午8.46.15

Sometimes the most convenient is the least flexible.
Are there options for that export method for size and compression ratio? I agree if those options exist perhaps ICC profile option can be added but if that’s an Apple shortcut to get the image into the photo library as simply as possible then limited customizability is part of the goal. (This is kind of the Apple way)

Use the other export methods to have complete control.

Wu - Do you have the Color Space setting in your camera set to Adobe RGB ??

If so then I suspect you are not appreciating the reasoning suggested by @platypus

So, when you export your image (for whatever reason), PL is using “As Shot” as the basis for the export process … and, As Shot = Adobe RGB (your camera’s setting) … and, ipso facto, that’s what you get.

Yes, I have setted the Color Space in my camera to Adobe RGB. This is a must. I will not set it to sRSB1996, which is not conducive to RAW post-processing.

In that case, as @John-M says, make sure you don’t choose “As Shot” when you export.

I think you are mistaken. Almost always the color space you select in camera only affects the JPG output. The RAW image doesn’t follow any color space and is the native color space of the camera.

You can likely choose sRGB in your camera and likely it will not affect your raw image at all except a tag in the raw file that you prefer sRGB output.

It’s weird you set AdobeRGB in camera and expect DXO to guess that you want a different color space for the JPG output.