The feature set in the now discontinued Nikon Nikon Capture NX 2 was the best NIK ever produced

The color control point, selection control point, and selection brush in the Nikon Capture NX 2 software that embedded NIK software in it’s core user interface was the best implementation of NIK ever. Really great. If you can repeat that in Photo Lab, you’d have a major hit.

Also, the NIK Efex Pro version 3.0 (still works with Capture NX 2) is actually a better version of NIK than the current version in some respects. The Polarization filter is better (more impactful), but especially the skylight and sunshine filters. They are easier to use and more predictable in their results than the ones in the current version. Worth taking a look at Version 3.0 – I think you’ll agree!


I fully agree, I used Capture NX2 for many years, until it was discontinued. The main reason for me to start with DxO Photolab was the (re)use of the color control point, selection control point, and selection brush.

During the years I edited and rated thousands of photo’s with Capture NX2, it would be highly appreciated when DxO would be able to that info out of the NEF’s to transfer to DOP in the near future

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You’ll be happy to know that Nikon’s relatively new (and free) NX Studio includes color control points that work nearly identically to NIK’s. They did a great job. Not sure if they simply licensed it from NIK or created their own, but it works virtually the same way.

I would have been happy sometime ago, before I dived into DxO… Because the changes will be in different sidecars. In the early days of digital photos there were a few standard formats, slowly it moved into a kind of mess, with numerous camera formats and numerous sidecar formats… It is time for …???