The abitlity to make safepoints, sort of virtual copy but just a safe point

sometimes a come to a point that i have reached a point that further correction or adjustment on a image is a trail and error, reset, again, succeed or not kind of thing.

You could make a virtual copy and trail and error on that one and if succeed discard the original. i think that’s the , one of them, function of virtual copy. Use it as a sort of savepoint.
from there you can:

  • use the virtual copy to experiment and trail and error until you find the right path.
  • use it as base for different tastes, color filters, crops, things like that by virtual copy for every other thing you want.

tutorial dxo virtual copies

But as far as i see i can’t use it as a sort of savepoint. (yes i can copy paste form a virtual copy whom outcome is successful and that is the one i like to my original)
But what i would like is a kind of function as in a game: quick save. :grin:
If it is reached a point from where i like what i did => quick save that point,
so if i am going further and i “get burned” as in game talk, just re sponge back to savepoint start over, not from scratch but from my self selected point.

So back to DxO PL, make a extra function of virtual copy:

  • blend virtual copy in original. So that’s the new point of start. then i can make new virtual copy (savepoint) stumble around in my possible editingtools.

I hope i made myself clear in my expaination about the difference of cloning (virtual copy) and save points.

A second thing we talked about was temporally storing settings, not editing a preset but a selective copying of editing setting which i can store in a “box” for fast cloning settings on multiple images except the image depended corrections.
(like copy paste but not in crapboard which you acidently override by a other copy past action but a box system.)
And or a copy - selective paste function: copy all settings = and after paste a step for what you want to paste and not with checkboxes. (like the editing preset function)

(please add or shoot holes in my proposal. :slightly_smiling_face:)

I understand your request.
My own is maybe an answer: Add the possibility to rename each virtual copy !?


So basically like snapshots in Acdsee:

This looks a bit like virtual copy.
i ment a real history return point, make a point of return.
to go back to if things didn’t work.

Hm, don’t understand the difference. Citation from link: ‘You may then continue to edit as desired, but can return to the version in your snapshot whenever you like.’

maybe i read it wrong in that link but if you go further in a new version the old stays the same or not? that’s like those virtual copy’s. you can go back to they old. that’s good, but if the further correction is worked out fine i want to save that as a new savepoint/ endresult. not the new version or copy. so not img001-v2.jpeg but img001.jpg
so you make a savepoint and work on the exact same image.

In the link you do not create a second thumbnail/file like with virtual copies. Instead it is like a collection of NAMED virtual copies inside ONE thumbnail, where the user chooses one of many to be the active one. It is like giving different development intermediate results a name, with the option to see a preview of all intermediate results at once to choose the best one, which becomes the active.

It is more like named virtual copies that are stacked, where only the top of the stack produces an output image and the other variants disappear as descriptions in the sidecar, with the potential to be recovered later.

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Ok understood, and yes that can be a good way to use as you have multistages of developement/correction in PL, after first viewpoint corrections and other hole image corrections make a savepoint/virtualcopy and use that as base for the local corrections.
and if all is done well then you can proceed to export and if not go back to the savepoint and start over.
(if there was a history list you could use that as savepoint system until you close the application then it is empty/gone. So a real savepoint would be better.)
In the by you explained method it is even possible to do several attempts and choose from those. (DxO’s VC’s can provide this kind also as far as i understand.)