The ability to rename virtual copies

This has come up in the past, but I thought I would revive the topic.

Given that it is already possible to hack the .dop file and rename the master copy (not necessarily that useful),

Capture d’écran 2020-12-20 à 15.28.52

How about making it official that we can rename virtual copies?

an interesting point of view

While I can rename the TIFF-File, a derivation from master or virtual copy, I cannot rename master or virtual copy independently. When trying, the ‘twin’ is also renamed.

Yes, it should be possible to add something meaningful to the virtual copy, e.g. to remember about what was done differently etc.

I’m not talking about renaming the files, I’m talking about changing the name of each virtual copy, which is stored in the .dop file

Ok, but don’t understand. – In Win 10 / PL 4.1.1, I can change / rename (completely) the name of the virtual copy, but it changes the master’s name simultaneosly – and vice versa. I just can’t do it independently as shown in your screenshot. If it’s a bug / another difference between Mac and Win, I don’t know.

My intention would be to keep the master’s name and to add something meaningful to the virtual copy. Because …
I copy all pics from the card to the computer, where I mass rename them,
e.g. “2020-12-20_HappyDay_1234.nef”, sort them out, delete what I don’t need and finally develop them in PL. So, from now on, I keep “2020-12-20_HappyDay_1234” untouched and add someting descriptively to further versions (B&W, online, printversion …).

For consistency I’d like to do the very same with virtual copies, inspite of them only visible in PL / saved as .dop-file …

… as they serve as my new ‘master’ / source when exported.

Completely agree, It would make virtual copies far more useful especially when more than one has been created for a master image. I know that this was brought up a number of times before, and I thought it was already in the backlog, but, I am voting for it here to reinforce how useful this feature would be…


Excellent proposal.
I think the new name could be appended to the filename at export.
This would make possible to add e.g. aspect ratio to the filename and not only to the keywords.

Yep, this is a good one. Voted.

That’s an excellent suggestion !! :ok_hand: T’would make it much easier to compare the results from multiple virtuals.

John M

However, I may not want to export my virtual copies in order to tell them apart.


Joanna’s proposal, Mark, is to have labels on VC’s that are visible within PL (instead of simple version #s) - - with Bekesi’s refinement to append these labels to the image-filename at export time … thereby tying it altogether. This would be excellent, I reckon :+1:

Note: I’m adding my vote on the basis that @bekesizl’s suggested refinement is included in the enhancement - - otherwise, I’m not too fussed.

John M

This is something I’ve missed since leaving Lightroom, so it has my vote :slightly_smiling_face:

Can I revive this topic? Now that PL5 can hold different metadata for virtual copies, this becomes even more important in de-confusing which version was the origin of an export.

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I can’t vote second time :wink:
And as we know the number of votes is irrelevant, but it still remains a good idea

Sarcasm Off :innocent:


Hey Guys!!!

Have you tried renaming virtual copies in PL5?

What’s more, in PL4…

Capture d’écran 2021-10-26 à 15.52.42

And the exports have the same name as the virtual copy name!!!

When did they sneak that one in?

@StevenL Isn’t it about time DxO started to advertise improvements and fulfilled feature requests? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Yes, just tried – when renaming e.g. the last VC, everything gets this new name (tried with name extension) – so NO luck.

Now if they could just put the trash icon back on the thumbnails. :wink:

With the Win version, we may not be able to rename the virtual copies but we still have the trash can icon :joy:

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Not in the Windows version. Once again a new feature difference between the Mac and Windows versions. The ability to rename virtual copies is a small but significant enhancement. It needs to also be implemented in the Windows version soon, before they forget about it and move on to something else. .