Thanks for a great product

Just wanted to say as a new user of PL how impressed I am with the quality of the output. I find it very easy to produce files that look like Photographs rather than digital images. A big thank you to the team at DXO.


Oh yeah !
And it should just become better and better. So says Gilles Théophile, who should know since he is the author of the DXO user guides and of many, many webinars of quality.
Moreover DxO is one of the rare software publisher who take direct input from the users on a forum, like they do here.
I paid and I regret nothing.


And fine photographs they are!

Like all software, PhotoLab has its rough edges, but as @JeanMontambeault says, the team at DxO do listen to their users and improve things along the way.


Throwing my hat in as well. DxO Team - Well Done Guy!!

PL4 is a hit!

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I like the Photolab app so far. I’ve not yet known it well for more skilled and sensitive users.