Thank you Team Photolab

I know people usually come here to report something they’re not happy with, but can I just make a post about how great I think Photolab 6 is? If it’s not allowed, then please delete.

I am so impressed with the Deep Prime XD noise reduction. Here is a screenshot of a 300% view of a file that I accidentally took at the wrong settings (-2 stops under and ISO 80, so I had to raise the exposure in post). It really is impressive. HQ on the left and XD prime on the right

Also, I am so happy to be able to grab the corners on a crop to tweak the horizontal, and to have the colour coding options.

Yes there are still things to be improved or features to be added, aren’t there always, but these have made a massive difference to me, so thank you Team Photolab.


I’m glad you posted your thank you. It is always good to hear and see more about the positives.


:joy: :joy: :joy:


:joy: You never know… I’d hate to be considered spam, considering I don’t require an answer, or any help.

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Saying something positive is always welcome by DxO’s staff as well as the regulars here.



Yes the Deep Prime XD is incredible !!


Yes I agree that DeepPrime XD is impressive. I hardly ever worry about ISO anymore.

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Unfortunately, DeepPrime XD is still not available for Fujifilm camera. I have seen the praises but I am still out with no information about the foreseeable future :frowning: