Tethering mode and more easely process workshop during shooting


for me the must feature have is the tethering mode, i try is not difficult to add this.

  1. in the menu File add a Tethering Mode.

  2. when click on, Photolab popup window for configuring this mode:
    a) select the folder where the files (NEF, JPG, etc…) the dslr upload files.
    b) if you want select a preset (apply directly in view mode with this preset).
    c) create a folder with the name of session model.

  3. refresh every milisecond and display the last file in this folder.

  4. copy this file into destination folder session and create the xmp temporary with preset;

  5. let photograph and model selected images with rank and/or discard (red) and/or (green) with the panel bottom list images in this folder;

  6. can compare 2 or 3 images in vertical or horizontal with preset.


Have you tried it out?

Just simply point PhotoLab to the folder where the files will arrive and it will update as they appear in that folder

Before receiving files

After receiving files


Hello :slight_smile:

almost, the last one should be the only one to be displayed in full screen.
With the skin of others underneath.
That we have the choice to display a preset defined at the beginning to view the last photo.