Test of AI based noise reduction apps for astro photography

diyphotography have a contribution of a longer test of noise reduction for different astrophotography photos.

Interesting long read.

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Quite an extensive comparison! It’s too bad that most tests like this, including this one, rely on application default settings which can easily be over-aggressive rather than not-enough. But this does show that there are no perfect solutions: results can vary with the job. While I do almost no astrophotography, my own experience with DeepPRIME/XD (with default settings) on non-starry skies is the same as this tester reported: I have to watch out for mosaic patterns and false textures. So I tend to keep DeepPRIME and DeepPRIME XD set in the range of 15-30, not 40. Usually, 15 is fine, but sometimes more is needed to get good gradients with preservation of color and subtle grain.


I am new to PL6 and want to learn more on some basic setting of PL6 for astro if you wouldn’t mind.

To get familiar with things, I tried to use some photos from DPreview, for example:
View Sigma 20mm F1.4 DG DN | Art sample gallery from DPReview.

While PL6 did an excellent job cleaning out the noise even with a low luminance, it somehow turned the photo yellowish, for example with only applying DeepPrimeXD at 20 (and deadpixel automaically set to 52):

Great if you could provide any hints to make it look more like the original JPG in terms of color rendering.